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Discover the fun of sending personal book recommendations on the go. Without typing a word, you can share with friends exactly why you loved a book. Our iOS7 app is available for any iPhone running iOS7.

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You may have noticed that the BooksILove mobile app isn’t accessible right now. That is because we are hard at work polishing version 2.0 with some all-new and upgraded features we think you will really enjoy when it launches in March 2015! and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available.

Application Features

  • Send + receive book recommendations to one or many people at the same time
  • Create thoughtful recommendations without typing a word
  • Personalize with a short note
  • Share by email, via Facebook or inside the app
  • Keep of track of books you love and books that others have recommended to you
  • Access a library of millions of books

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There is a glut of thinkpieces about Millenials out there, and most of them negatively generalize an entire generation without any nuance or sensitivity, because every generation ages and a lot of its members conveniently forget what being young is like. It’s also easier for one to scapegoat the younger generation for a...
Tue, 10/07/2014 - 00:04
Anyone who knows Seattle knows that it is fertile ground for the cutting edge of technology. It’s home not only to Microsoft, Zillow, and Amazon, but to a host of small startups that have produced a lot of book-related apps, including our own BooksILove. But why are so many Seattle-based apps focused on books,...
Wed, 09/10/2014 - 15:39
Visual language has a rich history. While current technology is developing new shorthands to communicate ideas quickly and easily, visual language dates back 5,300 years. Our BooksILove app for recommending books is just the newest, still-evolving example of people using pictographic visual language to communicate with each...
Mon, 08/25/2014 - 18:20

About Us

People trust recommendations from friends and people they know. When you love a book, you naturally want to recommend it to someone or several people. BooksILove™ stemmed from a small group of book lovers knowing the importance of real people making these personal recommendations to each other.

BooksILove provides a central location to capture the word of mouth book recommendations that are shared every day - at work, at home and at play. It’s important to have multiple places to get your next book, but a book that’s not remembered is a book that’s never read. And that’s a shame – for the reader, the author and the whole book ecosystem.

We hope that you’ll support the book community by using the app to tell your friends exactly why you loved a book– and why they’ll love it - without typing a word. It’s a win-win for everyone. (and it's patent pending).

We think that meaningful conversations happen between real people and we are happy to hear from you anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a book recommendation from you?

Because someone you know loved a book and wanted to share it with you.

How do I get the BooksILove app?

The BooksILove app is available for your iOS7 iPhone at the iTunes store. Click here to download. 

I have an iPhone but I can’t download the BooksILove app.

The app requires an iPhone 4 or 5, with an iOS7 operating system.

Will this work on my iPad or iPad mini?

We are not yet optimized for iPads, but if you download the BooksILove app as an iphone app it will work on any iOS7 device including iPad and iPod touch.

How do I receive a recommendation?

To receive a book recommendation, you will need to have either an email address or Facebook account.

What do I need to send a recommendation?

To send a book recommendation, you will need to have the BooksILove app downloaded to your iOS 7 device: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad or iPod touch.

Why should I use this app?

You’ll find it to be fun and quick to send real book recommendations to your friends. Most recommendations happen on the go, by word-of-mouth, and now with BooksILove, when you receive a recommendation you’ll remember it! 

What if I don’t like a book?

You probably won’t want to recommend it to anyone. The BooksILove app is for sharing the books you love, that you probably will want to tell someone about - over and over again.

How big is your database of books?

We’ve contracted with Bowker® and Ingram Content Group to provide our users with all books in print (that means they have an official ISBN number).  We have over 19 million titles to choose from.

I can’t find my book listed in the app.

Sometimes your book appears further down the list of possible matches, even when you type in the exact title. Scroll down to make sure it isn’t hiding and let us know if you still don’t find it. If it’s a book without an official ISBN number, (some self-publishers and e-books lack them) then we don’t have it. But we do have over 19 million titles available, so pick another book you love while we work on that. 

Are you connected to a publisher or bookstore chain?

We are an independent company. We have promotional relationships with some local booksellers, but are agnostic as to how readers ultimately select and purchase books. We want to contribute to a healthy ecosystem of readers and authors.

How do I send a recommendation to myself?

There are two ways to send recommendations to yourself. First, select the book, create your recommendation and when you reach the ‘Share’ page simply enter in your email address or hit ‘Save for Later.’ Both options will send the recommendation to ‘My Stack’.  

When will it be available for Android or Windows phones?

In early 2014!

How do I submit an idea for a new icon?

Contact us at, and please let us know if it’s applicable for non-fiction titles, fiction titles, or both. 

Why doesn’t it recognize my Facebook login?

Users must sign in using the same email and password that is used to login for their Facebook account in order for the app to connect to that account. 

What if I forgot my password?

Simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ on the ‘Sign In’ page. 

How do I add a Profile Picture?

If you didn’t do it the first time, be sure you are signed into the app. Next select the utility icon to go to your 'Settings.' Select ‘Edit Profile’ and select the profile silhouette. Allow the app to access your photos from your mobile device and then choose a photo as your image! 

How do I add photos of my friends?

Photos of your friends will automatically appear if you choose to send recommendations from your contact list that already uses their photos. 

E-books or physical books?

We hope people will always have lots of places to get books and lots of ways to read them. We are agnostic. We have all US and Canadian books in print in our database - anything with an ISBN number!

Why did BooksILove build this app?

We read. We love to share our favorites with our friends. When we receive a great book recommendation in real life, we often forget it, even if we write it down on a small scrap of paper. We built this for people like us!

Why do you collect my personal data?

We will learn why people love a particular book and how it is shared between friends. When a lot of people use this app to recommend books they love, we will learn something that can be useful to authors, readers, and booksellers. We'll look at trends in aggregate, but all data will be summarized to ensure your privacy. Your name will never be shared with anyone. 

View full details of our privacy policy here: Terms of Service

Anything else?

Yes. We encourage authors and publishers to keep putting amazing books out into the world. We hope, that in some small way, we’ll be able to provide insights into how and why people love and share the books they love.

What are your terms of service?

You can view our terms of service here.