Discuss and Discover the books you love with friends!

Sometimes, reading a book is just the beginning. When a book captures your imagination, you want to talk about it, share it and recommend it to others. Now there's a place on your phone to do just that.

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All your favorite books can live here.

With BooksILove, you can scroll through your visual book list and see new recommendations from people you know. Add and remember books people tell you about and discover new ones with search. You can also add a book you've just read and recommend it to others.

Discuss the books you love with friends

Add a book and start a conversation with one or more friends, or ask your friends for a recommendation (good beach read anyone?). Keep adding titles and continue the conversation as you discover and share great books together.

Create a unique

Make a fun, easy to create visual book review to share with others what you loved about a book. Pick an element of the book, and then pick a word to descibe it - together these icons and your words build a BookSnip® review.

Chat about the books
you love with friends

Share what you loved about a book with friends or followers

Using messaging and expressive BookSnip™ icons, send your visual book review to one or more friends in a private chat, mail or text. Or, go public: display your hand-crafted BookSnips to your BooksILove followers, and post them to your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Discover new books by following friends or lists

See new book recommendations from people you're following and add their books to your list to read later. Follow BookSnip Visual Reviews from people you care about, and Coming Soon - discover and follow authors, genres and curated lists.

See book-related events near you

See what’s going on in the world of bookseller events, author signings, online events and more. You can search for events near your current location or in a city you’re traveling to in the future. Add the book to your list, discuss it with a friend, and add the event to your calendar.

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